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Industrial IoT starts with IoT Central

An application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

Modernize industrial systems for Industry 4.0

Your ready-made environment for IoT Solution development — go from proof of concept to proof of value

Industrial IoT
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IoT Central gives you a ready to use UI and API surface built to collect industrial asset data at scale and manage your industrial edge securely.

Key industrial partnerships help connect to IoT Central where you get all the power of PaaS services operated and managed for you.

Gateway deviceAzure Defender for IoTAzure IoT Edge
Industrial Partners
IoT Centrala ready-made environment for IoT solution development
Management Web Experience
Collect data from onsight equipment
Model and organize data
Integrate data into applications
Built on top of managed PaaS services
High availability
Elastic scale
Disaster recovery
IoT Hub
Stream Analytics
Data Explorer
Cosmos DB
Export data
Query data
Business Insights
for factory productivity (OEE)
for asset utilization
for predicitive maintenance

Connect your industrial assets

Industrial Partners deliver results

Our industrial partners are ready to connect your industrial assets in hours instead of weeks – no matter if it’s modern or legacy equipment.

Get value from IoT applications faster, our partners are focused on normalizing your data and getting it ready to use with pre-built connectors, keeping you focused on adding value to your business.

Industrial Connectivity Partner Resources

Our partners don’t just say it, they do it. Checkout how they integrate with IoT Central via blogs, demos, and step by step tutorials.

CloudRail is a leader in OT-to-cloud connectivity, connecting both modern (greenfield) as well as legacy (brownfield) systems – with hardware, software, and retrofitting options.

CloudRail Box, Azure certified deviceCloudRail OS
CloudRail retrofitting

Omnio Edge eliminates tedious integrations and frees up your time to focus on your business. Integrate directly with IoT Central endpoints, onboard devices to your applications and unify all your data to create transparency across sites.

Omnio Edge diagram

Control security at every level

For IoT device builders, Azure Defender for IoT offers lightweight agents for stronger device-layer security.

Use Organizations to manage which users see which devices and data. Ensure safe, secure data ingress with support for Private VNET, and data exports with Azure AD-Managed Identities.

Defender for IoT

An end-to-end security solution for IoT workloads, with adaptive threat detection and prevention

Learn more about security and permissions

Extend your solution. Turn insights into action

Use Data Export to boost messages with enrichments, use filters to focus your findings, and let us help you transform the data to meet the destinations needs.
Event Hub
Service Bus
Azure Data Explorer
Visualize factory productivity and key business insights across sites and geographies
Power Apps
Power BI
Custom web & mobile apps
Analyze factory productivity metrics like OEE and predictive maintenance
Power BI
Azure Data Explorer
Azure Synapse Analytics
Store historical data, auditing records, and troubleshooting logs
Azure Storage
Cosmos DB