Azure IoT Central
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IoT Central gives you a ready to use UI and API surface built to connect, manage, and operate fleets of devices at scale.

All the power of PaaS services, operated and managed for you.

Gateway device
Run jobs
IoT Centrala ready-made environment for IoT solution development
Management Web Experience
Manage your devices
View and analyze device data
Secure data and devices
Built on top of managed PaaS services
High availability
Elastic scale
Disaster recovery
IoT Hub
Stream Analytics
Data Explorer
Cosmos DB
Export data
Trigger alerts
Query data
Business Insights
for storage or analysis
for business automation
for further computations

Connect your devices

Three ways to get connected

Connect your phone and go from zero to live data in five minutes with our app. Or get started with Azure Certified Devices that serve up the telemetry you need. Want something truly custom? Let us help you create your own device.

Five minutes to live data

An app, a cell phone, and five minutes are all you need to start for free.

Explore IoT Central using your phone as an IoT device – see telemetry in a device dashboard, configure which sensors are enabled, and send a command to your phone from the cloud.

Cell phone ready?

Estimated time: 5m
See any JSON message instantly in Raw data view to troubleshoot devices.
Screenshot of raw data view in IoT Central

Manage your devices

Configure and update fleets of devices with Jobs and manage edge modules remotely with an out-of-the-box experience.
Device Management Guide
Screenshot of jobs page in IoT CentralRun jobs to configure and update devices at scale. Use the scheduling engine to deploy batch updates on your schedule.
Remotely restart a failed or unhealthy module on an IoT Edge device.

View the big picture, analyze every little detail

Get a real-time read on the health of your devices with customizable Dashboards. Drill into device telemetry using queries in Data Explorer.
Learn more about analyzing your data
Create custom dashboards to help manage devices.Screenshot of dashboards in IoT Central
Use Data Explorer to find data anomalies.Screenshot of data explorer page in IoT Central

Control security at every level

Use Organizations to manage which users see which devices and data. Ensure safe, secure data ingress with support for Private VNET, and data exports with Microsoft Entra-Managed Identities.
Learn more about security and permissions

Extend your solution. Turn insights into action

Want to take action based on a condition?

Use Rules to get instant alerts and insights— even fire up another app—when specific data conditions are met.
Email notifications
Power Automate
Azure Monitor Events

Want programmatic access?

Use the REST APIs to extend your solution in companion experiences and automate interactions.

Ready to export your data?

Use Data Export to boost messages with enrichments, use filters to focus your findings, and let us help you transform the data to meet the destinations needs.
Event Hub
Service Bus
Azure Data Explorer
Power Apps
Power BI
Custom web & mobile apps
Power BI
Azure Data Explorer
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Storage
Cosmos DB